CDR, welcomes initial contact by email or telephone and is pleased to discuss his practice, cases and fees. Fees are negotiable, so please contact CDR to discuss your requirements, where we will do our very best to meet your needs.


It is CDR’s aim to provide the best service which is both cost effective and proportional to the dispute.

CDR’s fees include travelling within England and Wales.

Below are guidelines that indicate the basic rate for which CDR will provide his mediation services for where monetary sums are claimed or counterclaimed.

Where disputes do not primarily contain monetary sums, an hourly or daily rate will be agreed.

Please note while some claims have lower monetary values, they are nonetheless highly complex and require increased levels of preparation. In such cases, increased sums will need to be discussed.

Fees are the total cost and are not per party.

Amount of claim #
Mediation fee (daily rate)
Up to £75,000
£75,001 to £135,000
£135,001 to £250,000
# including any counter-claim.

For claims and counter claims of more than £250,000 please contact James to discuss.

Where parties are represented by solicitors, invoices will be addressed to those solicitors who must agree to accept liability for the agreed charges and expenses.

A final balancing invoice or credit note, if applicable, will be issued and become payable immediately following the mediation.

Interest will be charged on amounts overdue at the rate of 12% pa.

  • Time

    The fees above include preparation time prior to the mediation.

    Fees assumes a 8 hour day after which, with the agreement of all parties, the hourly rate is charged at £235.00 per hour. Please be aware that James is a great believer in settling the dispute within normal working hours.

  • Expenses

    The fees above include travelling costs within England and Wales.

    Travelling and accommodation for international mediations will be charged at a cost only basis.

    Accommodation may be charged if the mediation continues past 9pm.

  • Cancellations

    Any cancellations or postponements made up to ten days before commencement of a mediation will not incur a charge.

    Any postponements made within two days of a mediation and then rearranged will incur a charge of 35% of the daily fee plus the full fee for the new mediation date

James is the consummate professional who strives to give a first class service every time. He is very easy to talk to, clear and logical in his actions and communication I can highly recommend James and Countrywide Dispute Resolution and the services they provide
Ian Morgan
It’s a great feeling to have sorted the case out, Thanks for all your help. I would recommend you to anyone.
Sean Kelly