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Our clients range from mid-level Commercial entities through to Consumers.

Our expert team has the strength and depth needed to provide a complete service for all aspects of Disputes.

Monetary Disputes

Our consultants are trained in all aspects of Mediation and Negotiation and undertake disputes involving both unsecured & secured creditors. CDR engage directly with Creditors, Debt Management Companies, Debt Collection Companies, Insolvency Professionals and Solicitors where needed to facilitate achievable resolutions on behalf of our clients.

Commercial Disputes CDR, are often engaged by our clients to negotiate stronger commercial positions, aimed at increasing cashflow, without the need of souring further funding. Our consultants take the time to understand our client’s position and to ensure the process is tailor made for the client’s needs.

HMRC Disputes

CDR, are increasingly being engaged to manage disputes resulting from unachievable HMRC Tax Liabilities. Ongoing cases include the negotiation of VAT Penalties, Capital Gains Liabilities, Corporation Tax and National Insurance Contributions.

Insolvency Disputes

CDR, are not Independent Financial Advisors and as such we do not engage with our clients under that pretence. Where clients are technically insolvent, but have not yet engaged in a formal process. CDR will engage with clients and creditors respectively to achieve solvent positions without the need for Insolvency to occur, where viable.

Partnership/shareholder Disputes

As Businesses expand there is a need for Business Owners, to either enter Partnerships, collaborate with others, either in the form of Joint Enterprises, Licensed Agreements or within a Partnership. As such when relationships change or fail one party within the relationship will normally finds themselves at odds with the other party(s). CDR, engage with the client with a view of negotiating either a suitable resolution for all parties involved or an exit strategy, where applicable.

Commercial Debt Disputes

CDR, are often engaged to undertake the resolution of commercial debts, here one party has received services and or goods but has failed to settle the respective invoices. CDR are not Debt Collection Agents.

At CDR, our consultants engage all parties in relation to the disputed/unpaid invoices. CDR communicate on a human spectrum with a view of bringing both parties together for the sole purpose of engaging in the resolution of the respective cases.

Land Disputes

CDR, engage in cases relating to Land Disputes, current cases include boundary disputes, the removal of boundary walls/markers. CDR have consultants that are RICS Approved Mediators and therefore constraints are generally removed, thus allowing all parties to engage, with a view of reaching a timely resolution.

Property Valuation Disputes

At the point a commercial property has been valued, for the sole purpose of sale, issues can present themselves, commonly one party may feel the property price has been inflated and as such does not represent the current market value. CDR, would therefore engage with the client and instruct an independent RICS Approved Mediator to review the case file and where needed re-value the property.

Our RICS Approved Mediators also engage with clients on a consumer basis when and where needed.

Possession of Property Disputes

A growing concern for homeowners is the potential repossession of their family home, CDR are generally engaged in cases whereby the Mortgage term has expired and the respective Lenders have summarily decided to issue a claim for repossession.

CDR, engage directly with the current mortgage provider, liaise with the new lender(s), undertake the defence mechanism engaging all parties in communication and where needed CDR will attend Court Hearings with the clients.

James is the consummate professional who strives to give a first class service every time. He is very easy to talk to, clear and logical in his actions and communication I can highly recommend James and Countrywide Dispute Resolution and the services they provide
Ian Morgan
It’s a great feeling to have sorted the case out, Thanks for all your help. I would recommend you to anyone.
Sean Kelly