Litigation and blame culture has long overshadowed the ‘Common Sense’ approach to Dispute Resolution, with claimants hoping for vast rewards, perhaps on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. The stark reality is that for many legal cases, there is no clear ‘winner’, with cases taking months or even years to be concluded, often resulting in smaller pay-outs than expected, leaving both sides less than satisfied. Currently, many cases won’t be heard by Court’s unless Mediation has first been attempted.

The role of CDR as a firm of accredited Mediators is to structure a process and use our skills and experience in order, to facilitate a settlement to the dispute. We listen carefully to everything that is said and use this information to assist the participants to build a lasting resolution. We will not express any opinion or give advice or suggest what may happen if the case proceeds to court. At CDR, we help participants to persuade each other that a resolution reached by them is a better alternative than having a protracted, legal dispute.

Whilst CDR specialise in Monetary Disputes, CDR also undertake disputes including but not restricted to, Commercial, HMRC, Insolvency, Partnership/Shareholder, Commercial Debt, Land, Property Valuations, Possession of Property Claims and Building Disputes. Our team apply their skillset to any type of Dispute, All, mediations conducted follow the CEDR format.

In debt? need help? why not instruct CDR to negotiate your unsecured/secured debts
James is the consummate professional who strives to give a first class service every time. He is very easy to talk to, clear and logical in his actions and communication I can highly recommend James and Countrywide Dispute Resolution and the services they provide
Ian Morgan
It’s a great feeling to have sorted the case out, Thanks for all your help. I would recommend you to anyone.
Sean Kelly